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We’d love your opinion, if you even have one…about anything.

I think I may have made some kind of promise either to myself or to you people in general that I would refrain from spouting off about political things. While I am still sort of sticking to this, I must venture into this shady area for just today. And really this topic isn’t political, it’s just that basically that I don’t particularly like our current president. That’s not political, since I don’t particularly like Justin Bieber, or this lady I used to work with, or peas. It’s not a political argument, it’s just personal preference. Plus it’s my stupid blog so whatevs.

The following is a quote from a recent speech given by our current president: “Al Qaeda operatives still cite Guantanamo as a justification for attacks against the United States. Still to this day. And there’s no reason for us to give them that kind of talking point when, in fact, we can use the various mechanisms of our justice system to prosecute these folks and to make sure that they never attack us again.” Please take a moment to digest this quote in its entirety. The context is not particularly important since I can pretty much share my opinion and prove my point with this tiny little excerpt from this one speech.

My first point is around the concept of Al Qaeda “talking points.” When I first read this I really had to take a moment. Talking points?? What idiot speech writer decided it was a fair assessment to qualify Al Qaeda’s announcements, videos, etc. citing the things they hold against America as “talking points”?! Seriously. A talking point is “an idea which may or may not be factual, usually compiled in a short list with summaries of a speaker’s agenda for public or private engagements,” or more simply, “an especially persuasive point helping to support an argument or discussion.” Even this second definition cannot really be attributed to the crap the group outputs. They are not our debate partners. We are not discussing the fact that America is good, bad, elitist, whatever with them. They accuse us of evils, attack and kill our citizens, and we fight them with our badass military because we are at war. At war. Nazis are evil, they killed lots of people for bad reasons. Terrorists, i.e. Al Qaeda (since some people seem to forget) are evil, they killed and continue to kill lots of people for bad reasons. They don’t have stupid freaking talking points!

Second. The quoted statement also reveals (like many other quotes, speeches, and talking points even) that he does not have an opinion about anything. As we all know, his policies and actions against terrorists / Al Qaeda have been consistent and seem to say that he is against terrorism and wants to defend America against this evil (mostly). However, statements like this make him seem like he doesn’t support America. He is trying to straddle a line which does not exist. Mr. President: You’re either against terrorism, or you’re not. Stop trying to placate freaking enemies who hate America and stand up to them like you have some balls. Just because you close or try to close a stupid military prison is not going to change their minds about killing us. They will still hate you and all of us simply because we are American. Guantanamo is not going to make a difference. Also to me, this statement sounds like a negotiating tactic. We’ll close the prison because they say they don’t like it. Then what? They’ll stop killing? They’ll stop terror? Cool, let’s shake on it and achieve world peace! False. Get a clue, dude. And stand for something for once.

Third. I will not even really venture into my opinion about the “various mechanisms of our justice system to prosecute these folks” which I have discussed before are NOT appropriate to prosecute enemies of the state or those individuals who commit crimes against America and are NOT American citizens. Longest run-on sentence ever. Already got fired up and wrote a bunch of words about it, so I think to maintain my blood pressure I’ll skip this part and simply say: it’s still a bunch of CRAP.

One last thing: I think it’s funny he calls them “folks.” Makes me chuckle. I’m sure it’s unintentional and it’s not a big deal, but it’s kind of funny you have to admit. That’s all folks!

So in closing, while I in general disagree with most everything that comes out of our president’s mouth and most every policy that comes out of his White House, I want to be fair. No I didn’t vote for him, but yes I try to respect him as the most powerful man in our country and probably in the world. But he needs to command that respect and really earn it by standing up for things, whether I agree, whether mainstream media agrees, whether our enemies agree, or not.

Holy Liberals, Batman! It’s California!

Ohmahgah! So I know it’s been a gagillion years since there’s been fresh juice from this orange, but a quick glance at my reader odometer tells me readership is not down that much. Thanks ya’ll. So what the heck has been happening? Tons and lots and mucho. Once again my social calendar is jam packed to the brim, men all up on my cell phone, ladies all jealous of my fab new haircut and shoe collection. And again just joking. Quick run-down: I moved out of my fab ex-roommates’ house (miss you girls) in Raleigh and came back to live at Casa di Momma Sassy and Poppa Pants for 4 weeks whilst enduring the torture that is 3 weeks of IT training put upon me by my gainful employer. I saw everyone possible, had a fun girls weekend, planned an awesome reunion trip to DC that I unfortunately had to bail on because hey! I moved to California!

There are so many stories I could tell/will tell eventually I’m sure, but for now I want to reflect on things that I have noticed initially that are SO different here on the left coast. Things that I have tabulated in my head over the last 7 days include but are not limited to the following items. There is no sweet tea here. Just “iced tea.” There are LOTS of Prius’s. Like LOTS. And people who drive them are more annoying than usual, with stickers on the back bragging that they passed some emissions test that every vehicle has to pass anyway in this state. Big freaking deal, you’re compliant with the law. There is no good college football, and no one really cares that there isn’t any good college football except for me apparently. I miss Chick-fil-a and Bojangles breakfast buiscuits and potatoes. Children are just as annoying here as they are anywhere else. Weed is about to be legalized here for realz, despite the fact that everyone knows it would get the hold-up from the Feds. I say it’s a good idea because then maybe California wouldn’t be about to declare bankruptcy every day. No one knows how to merge here, so that is something that reminds me of pretty much any place in the world I’ve been where merging is necessary. They love their organic yogurt here. Like in a weird obsessive way. They love organic anything here. The public transportation rocks. No one says “ya’ll” but me. Shampoo costs $20 instead of $6. Gas costs $90/gallon instead of just $2.50. Apartment hunting is just as difficult here as anywhere, but more expensive. A/C is not standard anywhere. Everyone has those weird looking shoe/sandal hybrids that I think are Fugly. The fog over San Francisco is gorgeous. It is not warm here like I thought it would be. And lastly, anyone who doesn’t have a Prius has a Mini just like me. It’s cool but also makes me feel unoriginal, BUT I bet they’ll all give me the peace sign back when I wave UNLIKE everyone in VA/NC who I waved to in a Mini. Jerks.

So that’s my quickie update! I have dubbed my new roomz Big D for lack of a creative genius moment/I’m tired of using Roomz and it’s confusing for all my previous roommates. He’s a nice guy and apparently likes to cook, which I see benefiting me in the future since we all know I enjoy bowls of cereal in liu of real meals on the reg. He doesn’t want to be talked about on this here jank so I will try to respect his wishes, but he must know (if he is reading) that if he keeps requesting to not be mentioned that the chances of me mentioning him increase. Anywho, we are getting along fine and both getting tired of being confused for a married couple. Buying mattresses together gives people that impression apparently, even when you are buying 2 queens instead of just one.

If anyone is coming to visit please do leave a note and we’ll plan some fun times! Alternatively, if you have any recommendations on places I should visit while I am here let me know! I have about 20 weekends until I move away, and I can’t wait to fill them all.

PS! New functions thanks to WordPress/whoever designed my theme! Rate enties, “Like” entries, subscribe to MSP! Subscribers get extra benefits, like being notified ASAP when I post something, and possibly future giveaways. I just came up with that but seriously it could happen. So DO IT.

Update: Terrorists Unfriend U.S. on Facebook

Just wanted to post this quick update on my last entry. It just so happens that there is an excellent educational editorial (nice alliteration there, no?) in the Wall Street Journal today that explains in further detail the risks of trying enemy combatants in US courts. The author was chief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee and deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration. Seems to me she’s (I know right, a woman for once) qualified and knowledgeable. So here it is, a well researched, informative, and in my eyes, as close to indisputable argument as I’ve ever seen for not allowing terrorists of the 21st century to have the same rights as our citizens.

KSM Deserves Military Justice. FYI: KSM = Khalid Sheikh Mohammed = September 11th Mastermind. In case you forgot, September 11th was the day terrorists killed thousands of Americans, and one of the reasons for which we are currently at war.

Happy Tuesday!

chief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee and deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administrationchief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee and deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administrationchief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee and deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration

Terrorists apologize for terrorizing, friend U.S. on facebook, world at peace. SIKE.

Preface for this entry: I know I’ve chatted before about my current dislike of pretty much everything our government is doing (other than the military kicking Taliban ass in Afghanistan and in general owning terrorist tush elsewhere in the Middle East), but I really cannot help myself on this one and must opine about the ridiculousness I read during my self-imposed 10 minute break this morning. So forgive me if you a) disagree, b) are tired of my opinion of our fine “democratic” government, or c) think I am uneducated and don’t need to be spouting about politics. Here’s my response: a) I don’t care what you think, b) I can’t help my sarcasm or at times extreme exaggeration when discussing this topic or any topic really, and c) it’s my blog, I do what I want with it. Remember: Sassy Pants. Moving on.

So maybe some of you have heard of how our Attorney General wants to try terrorists/enemies of the state in civilian court. No? Well news flash: the Attorney General / Obama Administration has said they want to try terrorists in civilian court. Because God forbid anything bad or unfair happen to terrorists! It’s not like they hate us or killed thousands of our people or are constantly plotting our deaths. It’s all good because this is America and here in America we are fair and don’t want anyone to get mad at us when we deal with our enemies. Oy. But then the public went sort of nuts about it and they kind of retracted their statements. Except I think Mr. Holder still sort of wants to hang out, maybe play some beer pong with Mr. Pants-on-Fire or Mr. I-planned-the-attack-that-killed-thousands-of-Americans. Too bad their religion forbids consuming alcohol.

Anyway, back to the most recent article. Read it. Admittedly I am not a scholar of the justice system, or the dealings of the CIA/FBI/500 other national security agencies which apparently don’t communicate with each other. But I do know that if someone is an illegal citizen and is caught in the act/planning of an attack on American citizens, he or she should be treated as an illegal enemy combatant. This doesn’t mean that this person should be subjected to torture or other excessively cruel things (not that I wouldn’t punch one of them in the face if I had the chance. Jerks), but it does mean that he or she does NOT have rights as an American citizen! Because hey! Those rights are for…American citizens! Focus on the “illegal” part of “illegal enemy combatant.”

It is annoying to me that the Attorney General is too concerned with the opinions of his “friends on the left” to think about how putting a terrorist on trial in a civilian court would impact civilians. There are too many consequences to account for here (and again I’m not a scholar so I don’t even know all of them). But you guys. If you lived in NYC, how comfortable would you be if Mr. 9/11 Mastermind was hanging out a couple blocks from your apartment on trial for his crimes? Yes, handcuffs, bright orange jump suit, tight security, blah blah blah. I wouldn’t like it. Plus, we’ve all seen Law & Order (don’t lie, you love those marathons just as much as anyone). The smallest mistake or breach of policy can get a case dismissed. How many times have you seen L&O: SVU and watched the rapist go free because the cops were too tough on him during interrogation, or something wacky happens during the trial and the judge declares a mistrial? What if this were to happen with Mr. Evil Mastermind? He’d be free. Free to plot and kill more people. Like I said before – he still hates us.  I doubt there’s been any Stockholm Syndrome going on over at Gitmo.

I also think it’s annoying that Mr. Holder is taking this one specific case of one guy pleading guilty as a victory (it is) and use it to “prove” that the rest of the bad guys should be treated nicely. This simply makes no sense. Before I go off too much more, how about I just close by saying: I agree with this article. Read it if you didn’t already. And think long and hard about who you vote for or what kind of things you support. Don’t be blinded by the ideology of the higher ups.  Fairness doesn’t exist in the world, otherwise there wouldn’t be any poor people or rich people or wars or even terrorists. Yes it’d be awful nice if we could wave peace signs in the air and apologize for being awesome so all the terrorists would like us. Something tells me that won’t work. America has never been weak before when dealing with enemies. Let’s not start now.

Not the most organized of entries, but I just wanted to say: don’t be idiots. The definition of enemy combatant is: a member of the armed forces of the state with which another state is at war. Don’t forget we are at war and our first priority should be to our own people’s safety, not the fairness and treatment of our enemies.