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Proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free

Hellooooooo and Happy Memorial Day! Despite being a day late for this holiday, today we’re going to discuss how awesome it is to be American and talk about the things, both tangible and intangible that make America great. Oohrah!

Firstly, foremostly, and most importantly, our entire armed services are completely BADASS. As mentioned here, the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reserves are completely awesome and BADASS. It’s one of those times where it must be spelled in all caps all the time, because “badass” feels too small. Like it’s just kind of badass but it’s not super awesome BADASS. If you feel me. Also, name one nation who has a more BADASS military than we do. I’ll wait. Cue Jeopardy music. That’s right, you can’t. Anyone who thinks Vladimir Putin isn’t a badass is just not in the know, but he’s only one man (I mean, yikes). We have hundreds of thousands of BADASSES all over the world, many or most of which are exceedingly better looking than ol’ Vlad, AND could probably kill that tiger with their bare hands. Thanks to everyone I know and do not know who sacrifice their lives, cleanliness, pride, and all creature comforts to hunker down in the deserts and jungles and no-mans-lands of the world to keep the children of the United States of America safe from dirty commies, terrorists, and etc. bad guys. Luh you.

And now on to less serious and less important but perhaps more entertaining and slightly more comical but definitely still awesome things that make Amurica great. I’d like to start out by saying that pretty much everything discussed here is only available to us because we have such awesome BADASSES protecting our country. So it’s two fold: going to the beach on Memorial Day weekend is awesome but it’s even MORE awesome because we are being kept safe by men and women who can’t go to the beach because they be busy hunting terrorists. Thanks ya’ll. Ok for real here we go.

Sort of an obvious one, but going to the beach for a long weekend is totally Amurican. Wearing teeny tiny bikinis, even when you are way too large to wear such garments is also totally and completely Amurican. Wearing super skimpy banana suits is not Amurican and may I say I’m glad (for the most part). Keep your shorts on, guys. Cookouts are also super Amurican, some of which even take place on the beach, which makes it that much more Amurican. Hot dogs, hamburgers (with AMERICAN cheese, obviously), chips or some yummy waffle fries, and some Bud Light. Maybe even Corona. I hear they don’t drink that in Mexico which makes it that much more Amurican. A game of corn hole is so completely Amurican, especially when it takes place at aforementioned cookout on the beach. Beer pong also is pretty Amurican.

If you have a boat you are totally Amurican. And if you took your boat out on the lake, river, sound, bay, gulf, ocean, etc. body of water and ate hot dogs, hamburgers (with AMERICAN cheese, obviously), potato chips and washed it all down with some delicious Bud Light, perhaps while singing country music, and towing some of your buddies behind the boat in a tube or wakeboard, you are so Amurican. Boating is completely Amurican. I can’t say how many boats I saw in transit this weekend. It looks super fun. Also thanks to my cousin’s Facebook post, I saw one boat sinking off of a small island in Destin, FL. Good times. Which leads me to: it’s super Amurican to have or use a tractor. I know people use tractors all around the world. And that John Deere is basically the only American name for a tractor brand (Kubota = clearly not American) (though Caterpillar sounds pretty American), something about just the word “tractor” is super Amurican. Say it out loud. TRACK-ter. Fun, yes?

The epic 9-day cruise I took with my mother ended over Memorial Day weekend. Upon leaving and re-entering the Chesapeake Bay and the Port of Baltimore, we had a United States Coast Guard escort, complete with a completely BADASS guy holding a machine gun at the helm. The entire scene was completely BADASS and American. Also slightly sexy. Something about a man in a uniform with an automatic rifle. Is it just me? Anyway. Sexy is also super American, but I will say there are plenty of Italian and Greek and even British men I think are sexy so that’s not an exclusively American thing. I’m about to digress so lets move on…

…to more American things. Collared shirts and pleated khaki shorts with Rainbow flip-flops (or whatever the trending sandal is this season) and croakies holding your Oakleys to your face. Super Amurican. Also cute boys in pickup trucks, with massive work / cowboy boots (Tims are excluded from this), an old tshirt, and ratty baseball cap OR cowboy hat. Cowboy hats are special in that not all of them are good looking, but you know it when you see it. That’s Amurican.

Other things that come to mind: going to the pool with a cooler of beer, rooftop bars, concerts in a field (versus a fancy basketball stadium or something), waiting in line for an iPhone, waiting over 24 hours in line for whatever is trending this year, chugging beer, shot-gunning beer, dieting unsuccessfully, triathalons, building things from scratch, working hard, hiring people to do things for you and paying way too much, a good handshake, apple pie, fake ta-tas, HUGE fake ta-tas, eagles, the concept of the girl-next-door (and if this girl exists, she has very American blond highlights or dye job), corn bread muffins, sweet tea, Long Island ice tea, BBQ, back decks, wrap-around porches, hammocks and porch swings, football, baseball, catching a home run in the stands, American cheese (obviously), George Washington, patents, patent infringement, tailgating, kegs (of Bud Light obviously), hiking, coupons, suing someone, being sued, declaring bankruptcy and starting your own business the next year, bouncing back, fighting hard, and kicking ass.

Thanks to every military man and woman who has served, is serving, and will continue to serve our country, give their lives and time, and sacrifice awesome family time at the beach with a hamburger with AMERICAN cheese so we can all stay home, enjoy a terrorist free beach, a terrorist free concert, a terrorist free football game, pirate-free waters, and everything else. Go Amurica!

Ding-Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!

Last night I was lounging in my bed watching a semi-terrible movie about 16th century Venetian courtesans (I know) whilst laying a cold cloth on my sun-charred skin (consequences of drinking a billion Bud Lights and thus forgetting to reapply sunscreen at an all-day concert). Movie definitely was just turrible, but I was putting off going to sleep because my skin was sizzling with pain. I’m telling you guys, it was and still is the. Worst. Burn. I have ever had. Anyhooz. Then my super amazing pal and top 5 favorite person on the planet Rhett Butler sent me a text message: “We got bin Laden!”

So ya’ll don’t know Rhett, but he’s a major jokester. And I always fall for his jokes. As a result of this I am extremely skeptical of pretty much everything he tells me, and despite my skepticism I still fall for things which are not true on the regular. So I promptly respond, appropriately portraying my doubt: “Whatttttttttt?!?!!” Obvs. Then I immediately check the most reliable news source there is, Twitter. Obvs. And sure enough. All of my closest friends and news reporters are saying he’s dead. And even President Obama had made a statement addressing the nation giving himself, GWB, our troops, and America in general a big mondo high five. This is great news.

Then this morning when I got to the office [cough late] I proceeded to not do pretty much any work because there are so many awesome articles to read about Osama’s death. The basic gist of all headlines concerning his death: America is awesome, we love our Navy SEALs and Marines, Obama accomplished an important goal, GWB is still awesome, the Dow and the dollar are up, and gas prices fell 3%. Fantastic.

All of this rejoicing and happiness due to one man’s death makes me feel many things. I will now commence to listing them:

  • Happy: It is great that our military has accomplished something so badass as killing a man who was hiding out in a massive compound in the middle of freaking nowhere (looks actually like it was a populated and somewhat affluent city…whatevs). Apparently people thought dude couldn’t be killed and I’m filled with happiness that we proved them wrong. We are America and we rock.
  • Jolly: I laughed and have been giggling at all the Hitler and hell jokes people are making. Saw this on Twitter earlier: “Osama bin Laden just ousted Hitler as the Mayor of Hell on @foursquare!” I mean. That made me straight up laugh out loud at my desk. People got jokes ya’ll, and it is a chuckle fest up in my cubicle today.
  • Proud: Who doesn’t love being an American all the freaking time because we are always awesome, but especially now that our badass military did such a badassly awesome job killing such a turrible man. BAD.ASS. GO AMURICA!
  • Glad: that I’m not flying anytime soon. Increased alerts for terrorist attacks and in general hating on Americans by remaining sad little al Qaeda dudes make me a little hesitant to fly. You guys: let’s not all be dumb and forget they all still hate us.
  • Annoyed: but only in the smallest minute way, due to the fact that people are already criticizing how it went down. Just be happy for crying out loud that we got the biggest American hater alive. So we buried him at sea to attempt to abide by his religion’s law, big freaking deal. Take some photos, hold on to that DNA evidence, and move on to the next biggest American hater. Thank you.
  • Wanting to give out hugs: to every dude I know who is in the armed forces of any kind. You guys (and girls) are the kings (and queens) of badassery and I super love you. Big hugs and sloppy cheek smooches to every single one of you.

And that about sums it up. Go Amurica.

Completely unrelated: Me and these sassy pants now have a legit website! New URL is Bookmark that jank, you guys! If you are a subscriber, you needn’t worry about your subscribe pants not arriving. How sassy is that. And now you know my first name…woop woop!

And once again, GO AMURICA!

White Diamonds and Mother Courage

You guys. I am, for some reason, seriously lacking inspiration lately to put up on this here blog. I am obviously out and about being sassy and classy per usual, but I am finding that when I sit down to write a post I sit here and just go, “ummm sooooo yeeeeeah.” Not cute. So here we are. Ho-hum-de-dum-dum.

Then today something tragic happened. Elizabeth Taylor died. Obviously ya’ll already know this since she was, like, a legend in so many ways. But seriously is it not super sad?! I was sad. I loved seeing her mondo-makeup’d face in pictures. And she was so beautiful even as a super hunched over old lady in a wheelchair whist going to the club and drinking martinis. We would all be blessed to be martini bar hopping in a wheelchair and still fabulously dressed with massive diamonds adorning our every joint. Yes please.

Anyway. Many other reputable publications have published wonderful tributes to Elizabeth’s life and accomplishments, among them a billion marriages and having violet colored eyes (now achievable via contact lenses) and inventing a top selling perfume, so I am not going to eugoogalize her. She was awesome and produced many quotable quotes throughout her lifetime. I mean if I married 8 times I think I could probably gain a fair amount of wisdom too. Right! But anyhooz, I think it is super cool that I am connected to Miz Taylor by only two degrees of separation! I think. It might be one degree but I’m not exactly sure how the whole degree-of-separation thing works. The point is, my dearest mother met the one and only Elizabeth Taylor and I could not be any more excited about it.

Here’s the story. I would say it’s not every day that a regular young gal gets to meet a celebrity of any kind. I guess it depends on where you’re from and where you live, but I can say with quite a bit of certainty that Momma Sassy was accustomed to “small-town” type life in small scale cities in which one does not encounter celebrities of national and international repute often. Namely Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is great, but really. Famous people haven’t lived or really visited there since Robert E. Lee was in residence on Monument Avenue. There are arguments against this but just go with me here: no one of Elizabeth Taylor’s caliber really chooses to live in a small city like Richmond without some other incentive, like marriage to a Virginia Senator for example. If you read the WSJ obituary of ET (LOLz…her initials are ET…phone home), you will know that one of her 8 marriages was to Senator John Warner, then Secretary of the Navy. During Warner’s campaign, Elizabeth famously choked on a chicken bone, thus tearing her esophagus and requiring surgery. Anyone older than Gen-Y will probably remember Saturday Night Live skits in which this was mocked. Anyone on staff at then-Richmond Memorial Hospital remembers treating her for said ailment, including the one and only Momma Sassy.

Dramatic pause for effect. Maybe this isn’t as cool for other people but it gets better. Elizabeth was put in a private room after her treatment for a couple night stay at the hospital and given around-the-clock nurse supervision, apparently primarily to prevent her from having to press the call button. I must say if I was a State Secretary’s wife in that day I’d have required the same. And Momma Sassy just happened to be one of these lucky nurses. Apparently, according to Ma, it was the coolest thing ever. She was 24 years old, aka my age, and still adjusting to life as a new nurse in a hospital. I equate this to me being a nurse and getting to be on duty for Angelina Jolie. The best part about Elizabeth in my mind is that she was the same height as my mother (and thus, same as me). Who would think! There is something about being a celebrity that makes you look taller. I mean, do any of you know that Shakira is under 5 feet? I know, right! Anyway. During her care of Elizabeth, Momma Sassy gave her a back rub AND brushed her hair. I mean. That’d be like if I got to brush Angie’s hair. Cool. I know, I sound like a 6 year old girl getting excited about brushing Barbie’s hair, but come on you guys.

Momma’s favorite part of her time with Liz was the evening they were watching TV the night that Jimmy Carter apparently was hosting an opera singer. The singer was dressed in a long and flowy caftan dress (hello, 70’s calling!) with a bunch of very blingy jewels on her fingers and wrists. Young Nurse Momma remarked at all the shiny jewels, and Elizabeth smiled at her and said, “They’re fake.” Of course, Young Nurse Momma, being young and probably never having seen a 69 carat diamond as Liz had, asked, “how do you know?” Elizabeth smiled and, pointing to her eye, simply said, “I know.”

Gasp. I mean really. I think I’d trust anyone who’d owned and worn over 150 carats worth of jewels possibly all at once to tell me if something was real or not. But how cool is that! I suspect that if I were a nurse in these times and I was assigned to sit in with Angelina Jolie or someone of equal fame/fortune, it would not be as exotic. Something about celebrities these days is much more human. They are real people because we see them do everything all day long thanks to [Love the headlines that say things like “they shop at the grocery store!” and “They go to the gym!” …I mean, duh.] But Elizabeth Taylor. She was a beauty, she had a talent, she was a mom, she was a grandmother, she was an AIDS awareness advocate (to put it mildly), she was a scandalous lover, and she was a perfume magnate. AND she was a Dame. High five to Momma Sassy for keeping composure. Even if it was just one or two nights of your entire life, It’s one of those things you never forget.

May I never have 7 husbands or 8 marriages. Though a 69 carat diamond wouldn’t be bad.

“I’ve been through it all, baby, I’m mother courage.” Elizabeth Taylor, the world will miss you. I hope you are resting peacefully on a fur-lined chaise with diamonds at your feet, girl.

We’d love your opinion, if you even have one…about anything.

I think I may have made some kind of promise either to myself or to you people in general that I would refrain from spouting off about political things. While I am still sort of sticking to this, I must venture into this shady area for just today. And really this topic isn’t political, it’s just that basically that I don’t particularly like our current president. That’s not political, since I don’t particularly like Justin Bieber, or this lady I used to work with, or peas. It’s not a political argument, it’s just personal preference. Plus it’s my stupid blog so whatevs.

The following is a quote from a recent speech given by our current president: “Al Qaeda operatives still cite Guantanamo as a justification for attacks against the United States. Still to this day. And there’s no reason for us to give them that kind of talking point when, in fact, we can use the various mechanisms of our justice system to prosecute these folks and to make sure that they never attack us again.” Please take a moment to digest this quote in its entirety. The context is not particularly important since I can pretty much share my opinion and prove my point with this tiny little excerpt from this one speech.

My first point is around the concept of Al Qaeda “talking points.” When I first read this I really had to take a moment. Talking points?? What idiot speech writer decided it was a fair assessment to qualify Al Qaeda’s announcements, videos, etc. citing the things they hold against America as “talking points”?! Seriously. A talking point is “an idea which may or may not be factual, usually compiled in a short list with summaries of a speaker’s agenda for public or private engagements,” or more simply, “an especially persuasive point helping to support an argument or discussion.” Even this second definition cannot really be attributed to the crap the group outputs. They are not our debate partners. We are not discussing the fact that America is good, bad, elitist, whatever with them. They accuse us of evils, attack and kill our citizens, and we fight them with our badass military because we are at war. At war. Nazis are evil, they killed lots of people for bad reasons. Terrorists, i.e. Al Qaeda (since some people seem to forget) are evil, they killed and continue to kill lots of people for bad reasons. They don’t have stupid freaking talking points!

Second. The quoted statement also reveals (like many other quotes, speeches, and talking points even) that he does not have an opinion about anything. As we all know, his policies and actions against terrorists / Al Qaeda have been consistent and seem to say that he is against terrorism and wants to defend America against this evil (mostly). However, statements like this make him seem like he doesn’t support America. He is trying to straddle a line which does not exist. Mr. President: You’re either against terrorism, or you’re not. Stop trying to placate freaking enemies who hate America and stand up to them like you have some balls. Just because you close or try to close a stupid military prison is not going to change their minds about killing us. They will still hate you and all of us simply because we are American. Guantanamo is not going to make a difference. Also to me, this statement sounds like a negotiating tactic. We’ll close the prison because they say they don’t like it. Then what? They’ll stop killing? They’ll stop terror? Cool, let’s shake on it and achieve world peace! False. Get a clue, dude. And stand for something for once.

Third. I will not even really venture into my opinion about the “various mechanisms of our justice system to prosecute these folks” which I have discussed before are NOT appropriate to prosecute enemies of the state or those individuals who commit crimes against America and are NOT American citizens. Longest run-on sentence ever. Already got fired up and wrote a bunch of words about it, so I think to maintain my blood pressure I’ll skip this part and simply say: it’s still a bunch of CRAP.

One last thing: I think it’s funny he calls them “folks.” Makes me chuckle. I’m sure it’s unintentional and it’s not a big deal, but it’s kind of funny you have to admit. That’s all folks!

So in closing, while I in general disagree with most everything that comes out of our president’s mouth and most every policy that comes out of his White House, I want to be fair. No I didn’t vote for him, but yes I try to respect him as the most powerful man in our country and probably in the world. But he needs to command that respect and really earn it by standing up for things, whether I agree, whether mainstream media agrees, whether our enemies agree, or not.

Update: Terrorists Unfriend U.S. on Facebook

Just wanted to post this quick update on my last entry. It just so happens that there is an excellent educational editorial (nice alliteration there, no?) in the Wall Street Journal today that explains in further detail the risks of trying enemy combatants in US courts. The author was chief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee and deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration. Seems to me she’s (I know right, a woman for once) qualified and knowledgeable. So here it is, a well researched, informative, and in my eyes, as close to indisputable argument as I’ve ever seen for not allowing terrorists of the 21st century to have the same rights as our citizens.

KSM Deserves Military Justice. FYI: KSM = Khalid Sheikh Mohammed = September 11th Mastermind. In case you forgot, September 11th was the day terrorists killed thousands of Americans, and one of the reasons for which we are currently at war.

Happy Tuesday!

chief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee and deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administrationchief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee and deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administrationchief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee and deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration

Terrorists apologize for terrorizing, friend U.S. on facebook, world at peace. SIKE.

Preface for this entry: I know I’ve chatted before about my current dislike of pretty much everything our government is doing (other than the military kicking Taliban ass in Afghanistan and in general owning terrorist tush elsewhere in the Middle East), but I really cannot help myself on this one and must opine about the ridiculousness I read during my self-imposed 10 minute break this morning. So forgive me if you a) disagree, b) are tired of my opinion of our fine “democratic” government, or c) think I am uneducated and don’t need to be spouting about politics. Here’s my response: a) I don’t care what you think, b) I can’t help my sarcasm or at times extreme exaggeration when discussing this topic or any topic really, and c) it’s my blog, I do what I want with it. Remember: Sassy Pants. Moving on.

So maybe some of you have heard of how our Attorney General wants to try terrorists/enemies of the state in civilian court. No? Well news flash: the Attorney General / Obama Administration has said they want to try terrorists in civilian court. Because God forbid anything bad or unfair happen to terrorists! It’s not like they hate us or killed thousands of our people or are constantly plotting our deaths. It’s all good because this is America and here in America we are fair and don’t want anyone to get mad at us when we deal with our enemies. Oy. But then the public went sort of nuts about it and they kind of retracted their statements. Except I think Mr. Holder still sort of wants to hang out, maybe play some beer pong with Mr. Pants-on-Fire or Mr. I-planned-the-attack-that-killed-thousands-of-Americans. Too bad their religion forbids consuming alcohol.

Anyway, back to the most recent article. Read it. Admittedly I am not a scholar of the justice system, or the dealings of the CIA/FBI/500 other national security agencies which apparently don’t communicate with each other. But I do know that if someone is an illegal citizen and is caught in the act/planning of an attack on American citizens, he or she should be treated as an illegal enemy combatant. This doesn’t mean that this person should be subjected to torture or other excessively cruel things (not that I wouldn’t punch one of them in the face if I had the chance. Jerks), but it does mean that he or she does NOT have rights as an American citizen! Because hey! Those rights are for…American citizens! Focus on the “illegal” part of “illegal enemy combatant.”

It is annoying to me that the Attorney General is too concerned with the opinions of his “friends on the left” to think about how putting a terrorist on trial in a civilian court would impact civilians. There are too many consequences to account for here (and again I’m not a scholar so I don’t even know all of them). But you guys. If you lived in NYC, how comfortable would you be if Mr. 9/11 Mastermind was hanging out a couple blocks from your apartment on trial for his crimes? Yes, handcuffs, bright orange jump suit, tight security, blah blah blah. I wouldn’t like it. Plus, we’ve all seen Law & Order (don’t lie, you love those marathons just as much as anyone). The smallest mistake or breach of policy can get a case dismissed. How many times have you seen L&O: SVU and watched the rapist go free because the cops were too tough on him during interrogation, or something wacky happens during the trial and the judge declares a mistrial? What if this were to happen with Mr. Evil Mastermind? He’d be free. Free to plot and kill more people. Like I said before – he still hates us.  I doubt there’s been any Stockholm Syndrome going on over at Gitmo.

I also think it’s annoying that Mr. Holder is taking this one specific case of one guy pleading guilty as a victory (it is) and use it to “prove” that the rest of the bad guys should be treated nicely. This simply makes no sense. Before I go off too much more, how about I just close by saying: I agree with this article. Read it if you didn’t already. And think long and hard about who you vote for or what kind of things you support. Don’t be blinded by the ideology of the higher ups.  Fairness doesn’t exist in the world, otherwise there wouldn’t be any poor people or rich people or wars or even terrorists. Yes it’d be awful nice if we could wave peace signs in the air and apologize for being awesome so all the terrorists would like us. Something tells me that won’t work. America has never been weak before when dealing with enemies. Let’s not start now.

Not the most organized of entries, but I just wanted to say: don’t be idiots. The definition of enemy combatant is: a member of the armed forces of the state with which another state is at war. Don’t forget we are at war and our first priority should be to our own people’s safety, not the fairness and treatment of our enemies.

Miss Sassy Pants for President! JK.

Let’s talk about…sex baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be…Ha, just kidding. Good song though. Anywhoooz, happy Friday! Today I am pensively contemplating (is that redundant?) a few topics and have finally settled on one for the day…get ready.

Since Wednesday’s SOTU by the great and honorable POTUS *cough*, I am enormously more concerned with the direction this nation is going. Just to be sure I don’t put myself at risk of sounding like a professional political analyst during the next few paragraphs, here’s another disclaimer: I’m not a professional political analyst. No worries – sarcasm, exaggeration, and of course sass will prevail. I’ll also add for the record that for the most part I write solely based on emotional reaction. Raging hormones I tell you!

Today’s emotional reaction is astonishment at stupidity, blatant disregard for fact-checking, disrespect, and twisting of scenarios to fit a political agenda. News flash: Americans aren’t retarded! Surprise! I would argue that most of us are capable of seeing through silly politicians’ lip service to ideas and new “policies” they think we want. I think someone should write a letter addressed to all members of Congress that reads something like this: “Hey dipwads, you can’t fool us, stop effing up the country. K thanks. Love, America.” Perhaps I’ll write it. Anyone else want to sign? I mean seriously, just because you stopped using the word “reform” for a little while doesn’t fool anyone. Also I’m thinking maybe another letter to our great and wonderful, bold and courageous, well dressed and excellent teleprompter-reading president. It might go something like this: “Yo, Pres. Swallow your pride and check your ego. We don’t appreciate you yelling at us and telling us we are going to get health care whether we want it or not. That’s called dictatorship. K thanks. Love, America.” Ok so it’s a work in progress, whatevs. But seriously. What happened to honesty, being in touch with your people, and airing everything on CSPAN so us regular kiddos can see what the heck is happening? It’s ok though, maybe you forgot about that particular promise. No biggie. There were so many I guess it’s hard to keep track.

Yesterday I went to lunch with some older coworkers and was discussing retirement plans with one dude. You could say he is one accurate stereotype for the middle class – middle aged, been working for this here company for about 15 years, married to a school teacher, zero kids (congrats), belongs to a gym which he frequents daily at 5am (insane). He was pissed when the market crashed because his 401k lost ridiculous value. In the past year he’s gotten a little more than half of it back. Not too shabby. He admitted to me that he was raised Republican and traditionally has “Republican values,” however in the last election he voted for Obama (surprise!), and is now vastly disappointed (surprise!) in what has happened since BHO’s term started. I guess he was thinking he’d get “change” and “hope” for his dwindling retirement account. Sike. I swallowed the numerous variations of “DUH” and “YOU ASKED FOR IT” that came to mind and kept my opinions to myself, saying something neutral like “Yes, well, we will see what happens next.” He’s my superior after all, I don’t want to be fired for my political opinions. Car payment people, car payment.

But really, we will see what happens. I don’t want to be super cynical and honestly don’t think we’re quite flushed all the way down the toilet just yet. In the toilet for sure, but maybe not flushed. I have to admit though that every day I read something like this or this (don’t even get me started on that second one…do we really want this guy hanging out in a US court? In a jail in America’s homeland? Admit it, he’s scary. And he hates you – yes, all of you, so why should we cut him any slack!?) I want to immediately move to some other country. Yes, America is great and free and not socialist (yet) but Italians have better food, cheaper wine, and prettier countryside, plus more Catholic churches where I can find the man of my dreams for whom I can cook and clean (come on, that’s funny). Meantime, I slave away in my cubicle in Corporate America, hoping that the new taxes and regulations (which ones? I don’t know, pick one) won’t affect my employer in an averse way so I can keep my job and my car and my livelihood. Cheers to wishful thinking and “hope” that someone gets it right. Soon.

Stay tuned for an update on my move to/life in Raleigh…it involves a daily 8am meeting starting next week for which I am super excited! Woohoo early mornings!

Have fun in the snow this weekend kiddie-poos! I’ll be driving the dirty Mini Coop following the plow truck to NC.