About Miss Pants

Miss Sassy Pants is a nice young lady originally from Richmond, VA. She is an ultra proud graduate of the greatest university in all the land, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and is a ginormous fan of Hokie football anything. She is employed by one of Fortune’s top 500 companies and spends her days in the blissful and exciting IT department, saving the world one bug-fix at a time.  Cities graced with her residential presence now include Richmond, VA, San Francisco, California, and currently Raleigh, NC.

Things she loves include her loving biological family, her loving Hokie family, driving fast in her Mini Cooper, Law & Order marathons, shoes, homemade nachos, big earrings, The City, cheese fries, anything with potatoes, sleeping in, Chick-fil-a biscuits, gabbing on the phone with Momma Sassy, gabbing on the phone with anyone, making lists, reading for pleasure, action movies with Vin Diesel, painting her nails funky colors, conference calls with friends, girls weekends, and eating cereal for dinner. She takes her beers light and fruity, her margs frozen with no salt, and her men extra manly.

Even though she has plenty of trifeness up her sleeve, Miss Sassy Pants is always looking for new ideas! Send a note to vtsassypants@gmail.com if you are struck with inspiration, have any tips, super trife stories, questions, or if you want to be a guest blogger! And don’t forget to subscribe to MSP so you can be in the cool people club. Also, please rate or “like” any entries you deem worthy!

Picture above and cropped MSP headliner image credited to Metrofashion Sketches at metrofashion.com.

2 responses to “About Miss Pants

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  2. This is a great ‘About’ page! I love your writing style. It’s very… what’s the word… sassy! 😉

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