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Wow. And Why I Love Country Men

Wow. I’ll say it again. Wow.

It’s hard to have two blogs, ya’ll. I’m like crazy busy. Plus I have a full time job I sort of need to go to. And I sort of have lots of work there so I can’t write these bloggy posties when I used to, which was at work, natch. Yeesh. Anyway. Let’s just admit that these posts will be less frequent and less regular and that until I can get some Blog Pepto that’s the way it’s going to be. But hey. Got internet at my new apartment, listening to some country music while thinking about cleaning my kitchen and got all inspired-like. So here we are again. Sorry for the delay, and blah blah blah. Go read what I’ve been doing over here in the meantime.

So. Why I Love Country Men. Why do I love country men? Why does anyone love a country man? Well, I venture to guess there are probably lots of reasons. Toby Keith. Marlboro Man. Brad Paisley. Keith Urban. JK Keith doesn’t count because he’s Australian. Sorry Keith. Foxy-Pants liked them back in the day because of their cute accents. Her fam is from Yank-town so she thought people who said “ya’ll” was like, so quaint.

Because it is. Duh.

Some gals like country men because they are typically big and strong. Duh. Some gals like country men because these gals are country themselves. I guess typically country men and women go together better than like, a country man an a city girl. But this is Amurica and anything can happen.

For me personally, the thing about country men is the way they talk. Not just the accent, but the way they say things and the words they choose to use. Plus the accent. But not the hillbilly kind. Or the redneck kind, though that kind is still amusing, I wouldn’t call it sexy. It’s only for a well-trained ear to distinguish between the three, but in general a country accent still includes smarts and good grammar whereas hillbillies and rednecks mostly don’t include these things. Generalization alert.

Let’s have some examples, shall we?

My number one ultimate country man of the moment is Josh Turner. Is he not just the cutest thing you ever saw! Other than my man the Bear obviously. My favorite song of Josh’s at the moment is All Over Me. Obviously his voice is just killer and anything he sings I would love. I’d probably love a recording of him saying, “today I ate pigs feet,” because seriously that voice. Little Scotty McCreery might have a Josh Turner copycat voice, but he still sounds like a small child compared to this man. Sigh.

Digression. Must focus. So All Over Me. Here are some choice awesome quotes from this song, which I have personally witnessed real live country men saying in real life situations, though not necessarily to me (though wouldn’t it be nice and probs make me faint or at least flutter my eyelashes). I have done my best to spell the pronunciations:

  • “Baby, I’m on my way to come and getcha”
  • “Gurl, lemme lookitchu”
  • “We kin build us a fyre”

I can’t explain why I like this so much. Just something about grown men calling their ladies “girl” even when they’re old and wrinkly that makes me giggle. I was at the outlet mall a while back in Mebane (pronounced “MEH-bin” but almost like one syllable…don’t make the mistake I did and pronounce it like it looks: “me-BANE” …it was awkward) and walked by an old man as he called out to his wife. Man was at the VERY least 70 or 75 years old, wife of the same age. He turned right around and yelled (lovingly of course), “Hey gurl! Getcha goin!” 

I died. Nearly didn’t contain my giggle in time, though I’m not sure it would have mattered. I wasn’t close enough to hear her response but it was a mumbled something and it was probably sassy. These hollerin’ country men obviously find their best match in a girl with some sass.

Not that I’m suggesting anything in particular, just seems to be the case is all.

Other common phrasology which I enjoy includes the following:

  • “I gotchu” – relating to making sure you don’t fall.
  • Not to be confused with “I getchu” which is confirming an understanding of what you are communicating.
  • He cain’t even bait a hook” …do I need to elaborate…(pronounced “huk”)
  • He cain’t even skin a buck” …no, I don’t think I do.
  • Using “truck” in a sentence. Any sentence. Somehow country men saying the word “truck” is much sexier than any other kind of man saying it. Something about the “uuh” part I guess. Or something.
  • “Tires” or more accurately, “tyres” …I don’t know. Talk to me about “tyres” and I’ll probably giggle.
  • “Yes ma’am” …again, no explanation necessary. I wouldn’t mind being called “ma’am” by country men everywhere for the remainder of my days. I would even offer to cook and clean if it was answered by a “yes ma’am” with a sideways grin and wink.

Ok I guess that’s all. Bottom line seems to be that I like country accents. I know you do, too. Even you people who say you “hate country music,” which is sort of like saying you “hate America” (haha…JK) (but seriously, come on, not even at a bonfire or on July 4th?), you know things are just nicer with a country accent. 

Guess I’ll see ya’ll back here (oh btw: “ya’ll” is totally a given, obviously) eventually. No guarantees really. Check me out on my other blog though! Yay!