What I would do with 4 extra hours OR Hokie Nation Syndrome

This is funny. WordPress has this little thingy that’s like “Do you need ideas for your next post?” And I was like, “Well yes, WordPress, I could use a couple ideas, thanks!” And one of the ideas was to “describe what you would do with an extra 4 hours in the day,” and I’m going to write about it. Because I like the idea.

Today I could have used an extra hour of sleep. So that first hour would have gone to that. Done.

A second hour would have been dedicated to breakfast at Denny’s. Nothing’s better than a workday that starts with a breakfast combo of eggs, muffin, double order of hashbrowns and a side of pancakes. Done.

Hours three and four would be devoted probably to work or the other blog. Or redoing a piece of furniture or designing some new stationery. Done.

BUT if it was summer time, those 4 hours would be devoted strictly to beach time or pool time. Probably beach time. Because the beach is just better.

If it was tomorrow, I’d have 4 extra hours to tailgate. 4 extra hours to drive to Blacksburg and not take away from tailgating time. 4 extra hours to celebrate an awesome victory over Clemson. 4 extra hours to jump up and down to some Metallica and go crazy for Virginia Tech football. THAT would be AMAZING.

If I had 4 extra hours today I’d go nuts because it’d be THAT much longer until gameday. GO HOKIES!!!!!!!

Productivity today just went down the toilet. I’ve dubbed it Hokie Nation Syndrome. So now if anyone comes up to me today and asks why the heck I’m not getting anything done, I’ll just look at them and say, “I’m sorry, I have Hokie Nation Syndrome. There’s only one cure. GAMEDAY.”

The end. Shortest post ever. Can’t wait to kick some Tiger tail, ya’ll.

Until next time, Cheers!

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