Holy Delayed Posting Schedule!

You guys. It’s been like a million years since my last post. The other day a friend of mine said, “Dude. What happened to MSP?” I was like, “What’s MSP?” He was like, “Um, your blog?” And I was like, “OMG! Totes forgot about that!” So here we are.

Obviously J-playin on that part about forgetting. But life has been insane busy.

Because I started another blog! I know! OMG! It’s called Sara Elizabeth Designs and it’s about design stuff. And craft stuff. And do-it-yourself stuff. And also it will be about stuff I sell in my Etsy store which is opening soon. So go check it out, because I’ve spent the past few months putting it together (like, I built the website and stuff), and I’m super loving it and hope you will too.

But MSP is not going to stop working on trife stuff so here we are and here we go. Let’s jump back in with a couple rando’s.

1. I’m apartment searching. It totally blows huge chunks. It makes me feel like I need to be making at least $30,000 more dollars per week to afford to live in a place that’s not surrounded by hoodlums and cockroaches. This is obviously not the case because I have a pretty decent job that pays me pretty decently. And Raleigh is inexpensive compared to, say, NYC or Boston. I really can’t complain. But apparently I have swanky taste in neighborhoods and apartments which my salary does not quite live up to. It’s disappointing.

I have a few appointments this weekend to view a couple places, one of which I already know I can’t afford so I’m obviously going to fall deeply in love with it and cry for days because I can’t make it mine. This is the time that I think I need a husband to share my super swanky apartment with. Or a boyfriend. Which I actually have, only he doesn’t live where I live and also a boyfriend living with me would incite comments like this from my mother: “How does it feel to be living in sin, Sara?” That doesn’t sound fun.

2. Little Rosie is apparently making some funny noises. This is not cool since funny noises = spending lots of money which I’m trying to save for the aforementioned apartment. Woohoo!

3. I finally came up with a nickname for my bf. The Bear. Isn’t that cute! And manly, obviously. So if I ever have a story to tell about him, he’ll be known as The Bear. I must have a thing for animals since my bff is The Fox and bf is The Bear. Fox and Bear. Bear and Fox. Isn’t there a movie or something…oh! The Fox and the Hound. Whatever. It came to me a couple days ago randomly and I was super proud and wanted to share. The other day I was reading a favorite blog of mine by Anna White, Homemaker, whose husband is called The RAM on her blog. They live in Alaska, and he does things like build his own home by himself from scratch with timber he cuts himself before he goes out and uses a homemade spear to get an elk for dinner. RAM stands for Real Alaska Man. HOT. I want her husband, in a hypothetical way. Anyway, it inspired me to nickname my own manly man, who is not Alaskan, but still hot.

4. I re-joined a gym. I think it’d be hilarious to look back on the past two years of this blog and see how many posts I talked about working out or going to the gym. Lots. And then if we had a log of how much I’ve weighed in correspondence to the posting of posts about the gym. It would be an interesting study. Anyway, I’m in a wedding for my bff from 5th grade’s wedding in like 3 weeks and need to be skinny for that jank. The camera adds 10 pounds so they say, so it’s time to get to work. There are still cute boys that frequent this gym, only I’m so dedicated to getting in shape and being healthy (and skinny, yes) that I don’t even notice them. They look at me funny when I’m on the bench and I’m like, “Fool, get out my way.” Then I’m like, “No, I don’t need a spotter. Spotters are for bitches.” And then I usually add, “And no, you’re not cute.” Plus the whole bf thing I mentioned above. Anyway. Getting in shape is hard when you’re out of shape. It’s easy to be in shape, but getting there is like a long and winding road. That leads to your door / Will never disappear / I’ve seen that road before…

Beatles. Gotta love them.

5. I’m really excited about the new blog so I’m going to talk about it again. Go there. Read it. Enjoy it. Do some of your own projects and send them to me and I’ll feature you. It’ll be super awesome. Check out my store and get yourself some new bedroom lighting or some greeting cards (soon). Or an original graphic art print. Or just waste a couple minutes reading. Either way it’ll excite me and make me happy to have you.

6. I promise to do better with posts. I didn’t know so many people enjoyed reading it until I stopped posting and people were all like “YO! What the DEAL?!” And I was like, “Um, sorry peeps!” So here I am. Hope you’ve enjoyed some rando’s and I look forward to seeing you back here in the near future. Promise.

One response to “Holy Delayed Posting Schedule!

  1. Your mother would be correct, once again

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