Kit-Kats and Popcorn, it’s What’s for Dinner

Holy moly it has been a billion hot seconds since we had some new jank out of this jank. And by hot seconds, I truly mean hot. Like, insanely warm and humid. Totally over it. Today is actually quite pleasant in R-town, making me want to leave work early. Too bads.

You know what is the perfect candy treat? A kit-kat. I SUPER love kit-kat bars, though their most recent commercials are insanely annoying, making their little jingle out of the sound of people crunching on kit-kat bars. I mean it’s clever obviously but I can’t stand listening to it. Despite this, I always have an intense craving for one afterwards. That’s effective marketing right there.

Last week I snatched a kit-kat at the checkout counter at Food Lion. Right after I had gone to pilates and been for a run. That’s how I operate. I saved it until after I had my awesomely delicious veggie dinner, and then I only ate half of it. Definitely gave myself a high five after that. So I put the other half of it in the fridge for later. Later turned out to be a whole week later, and if you know me, this is a huge deal because I don’t let candy just sit around. I buy it, it gets eaten pronto. So the other day I got it out after dinner and had half of the leftover half. Strange for me. But I just wasn’t in the mood to finish the whole thing.

Today I picked up the measly little leftover half of the half of it and brought it to work. I rewarded myself just an hour ago with this little kit, and it was SO good. There is nothing better than chocolate and whatever that crunchy bar stuff is they put in those things. It is crunchy but not nutty and the chocolate is delicious. It’s perf. But then I was sad because one tiny little kit (it can hardly be called a kit-kat if there is only one bar instead of at least 2 connecting bars) just didn’t do it for me.

And now I’m sort of sad and wanting the kat to my kit.

You ever have that problem? It’s like, I get so excited for it and then it’s not enough. So then typically I’ll get more of that something and then when I finish stuffing my face I am regretful of not being a little healthier and feel like a heifer. Especially with popcorn.

OMG, popcorn.

It’s totally the worst for me. When I was in high school and working at the neighborhood pool behind my house, I would sometimes run home to get a bag of popcorn and eat it for lunch at the front desk. [I was the check-in desk girl. Not strenuous.] And no, it wasn’t as a side to a healthy turkey sandwich on wheat. It was as my meal. Many times I would have more than one bag a day. But back in those days I was a skinny little metabolism-crazed toothpick so it didn’t matter how I gorged myself.

Good times.

These days I’m not so lucky. Fortunately, popcorn companies are geniuses and now make tiny little “personal” bags of popcorn. UNfortunately, these bags are vastly too small to satiate my cravings and I never buy them. Plus they’re more expensive and I have a roommate and like to share. I’m just trying to be nice. My mom says when I don’t share that my “only child is showing.”


Popcorn is the kind of snack that is mindless. I can put that bag of buttery salty little morsels into a big bowl and eat and eat and eat and not even think about it, until I get to the bottom where all the buttery seeds are and then I have to stop. SOMEtimes, if I’m sharing a bag, I’ll pop 2. Just to be sure we both have enough, you know. But then at the end I feel SO bad. Like UGH I just ate so much. And it’s so filling. And buttery. Yum.

I did read recently in the P-90X newsletter that “popped-corn” has lots of fiber, so woo-to-the-hoo on that one. However, something tells me they weren’t referencing Pop-Secret’s Movie Theater Butter version. Whatevs.

Now I’m going to the vending machine to get some M&Ms because my craving for the kat of my kit is too much to bear. Probs going to have popcorn for dinner too, since I’m thinking about it. Who’s with me!

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