Questions + Interwebs = Fun Times

Ok so I know I already did this once, but it’s just so fun I must do it again. It’s time once again to delve into the fun world of WordPress analytics and share some laughs and some um-whats at the expense of innocent interwebs searchers out there. And if you’re reading this and I pick on something you searched for, I’m sorry. No offense meant, really. It’s all in good fun, so pick up a sense of humor and let’s get on with it. In case you missed it last time, WordPress saves all the searches people use which brings them to this little treasure chest of sass. I take pleasure in reading the list of phrases occasionally and having a good solo chuckle. And now I’m sharing with you people so I don’t have to laugh alone anymore. Because it’s just not as fun to laugh alone, yes?

“Eyebrow piercing with glasses picture.” I am loving this and I really can’t explain why. It’s just, I wonder if the nerd glasses (don’t hate, I wear them too on occasion) will cover up the badassery of an eyebrow piercing, and you wouldn’t want to go through that and have it be all hidden by your glasses. I hope that person found the answer they were looking for, but I’m sure they didn’t find anything helpful here. Sorry kid. Maybe look into some contacts?

“Sun dresses and sassy shoes.” Loves. I can’t wait for spring. Though as I have a no photo policy at this time (aka I just don’t make time to put up pretty pictures) there’s nothing but written shoe wisdom for them here. Keep reading, little one, and maybe you’ll be inspired.

“freaks out if I don’t reply to text messages.” Haha. Hahaha. Also loves, though in a different way from the sun dresses. I’m going to make an assumption and say this is a dude. So, dude, either answer her texts, or break it off. If it’s a girl, I suppose it’s pretty much the same answer, though somehow a guy freaking out over no text response is more annoying / freaky / sign of future woman hitter, so definitely ditch that jank.

“frightening things on the internet.” I’m not sure whether to be offended or amused. My first reaction was to laugh and then I was all like, um, what? Frightening? I guess I can be frightening. Rawr. Sass is frightening to some I suppose. Grow a pair and don’t be a scared little boy. Next.

“if he text messages me can i reply right back or should i wait.” Wait. Definitely wait. At least one or two minutes, even if you have to stare at the phone and watch the minutes tick by. But only if it’s a new-ish thing, otherwise it’s just annoying and there’s no reason to be coy.

“I want to be Tim Riggins.” I think this is my favorite, by far. Whoever you are, if you find a way to become Tim Riggins minus the jail time, do call me. I’d love to help you take care of that big ol’ steer.

“miss physical fitness.” I’m not sure if this was a search to find this on purpose or what, but am I not Miss Physical Fitness Pants as well? Boxing, running, doing squats and in general being a badass when it comes to physical fitness, I clearly deserve this title as well. LOL/JK. Though I am boxing regularly these days.

“stupid love miss sassy.” Indeed. Stupidly in love all the time. With men, shoes, outlets, and fried anything. Sorry bout it.

“free panty sassy.” Ha! Of course this time since I readily have written about free panties on numerous occasions as a joke because it was in the search terms before, this one isn’t as surprising but it’s still funny. Free panty! Free panty! Woo! Bring it on, Google.

“I want pink hair.” GOSH me too! Though I’m not sure you can get pink hair from the internet. Typically you buy dye or go to a salon. Just an idea.

“girl texts guy – he does not reply.” Me Tarzan. You Jane. Me sort of dumb. Not understand what zero response means. See previous nine thousand entries about texting, boys, and the meaning of it all.

“Piggly Wiggly wearing a cowboy hat.” Two things: 1) LOL, 2) What the heck. I don’t even know what to say, except that I laughed. I considered googling this myself just to see the results since I feel like I’m missing something, but then I sort of got scared or something. I will say though, Piggly Wiggly is a great grocery store, and I super love cowboy hats. Could be a great combo. So then I got unscared and Googled it. Nothing special, and now it’s not as funny.

Okay one more, I promise.

“sassy comment to say to a “busy” guy.” Repeat after me: See ya later. Please remember it is not sassy to waste time on men who are too busy for us. Again with the repeating myself nine thousand times.

Keep searching, little searchers! I super loves you!

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