Hey Gurl Hey! Or, WHO DAT!

Oh hey you guys. It’s been like 90 years since my last post. WHO DAT not writing regular posts as she promised a month ago. A thousand apologies, because I know you all are on drugs and in therapy now from Miss Sassy Pants withdrawal. It’s ok. I’m on drugs and in therapy for other reasons, which have kept me from writing more of this here jank and entertaining not only you and my mother, but myself as well. You don’t think I do this just for you, do you? It’s not all about you. Especially here at MSP, since it’s really all about me. And I’m not really on drugs. I got jokes, ya’ll. Anywho.

So what’s going on? How’s your mom? How’s the family? What’d Santa bring you? How many days / hours did you stick to your New Year’s resolution before you gave in and got fat again? Right! Most common NYR ever = to lose weight. My holidays were absolutely wonderful and filled with joy. Momma Sassy and I had our traditional Scrabble tournament which I am SO proud to brag / say that I won this time. High five to me. Anyone who knows my mother knows this is a huge feat because her vocabulary is, like, omigod huge. And I read like 5 books on my new Kindle within 48 hours of opening it. And Poppa Pants is happily and steadily recovering very well from his total knee replacement (badass), and if anyone has any ideas about how to get all his music to show up in iTunes on his new computer, please send me a note. I only had a couple ideas and they all failed. Seriously, email me.

Moving on. Because I’m not a huge fan of the play-by-play, “today I did this and this and this, stay tuned for more daily doings!” entries. Whatever. Later when I’m not consumed with working 24 hours per day, I’ll wax poetic about how wonderful Christmas was and how awesome it was to see the family, how much fun I had on my awesome roadtrip with a few of my favorite Hokies and closest friends to ring in 2011 and watch our beloved Hokies lose another BCS bowl game, and how tired I was after more then 48 hours of travel to get back to this crazy tax-ridden and bankrupt state of sunshine and moderate temperatures. Seriously, there’s no sarcasm there,  I really had a fab time with family, and awesome time with friends, and nearly cried when we lost that game. Sigh. And I even worked ridiculous hours during the holiday. Go me. But do check out the Coastal Wind for a play-by-play of our adventures to Savannah and Miami, including details on meals and bathroom breaks. That Mr. Smarty Pants loves sharing personal details I tell you.

Next topic. I have some breaking news to share with you! Woo! Drum roll. I am officially moving back to Raleigh, North Carolina at the end of this month. I cannot express my happiness accurately, and will not attempt to here, as it will involve a ridiculous number of exclamation points. Just trust me. I’m happy. I miss the east coast, my family, and the simple happiness that living in the south brings to me. Plus, never thought I’d say this, but I miss the humidity. My hair is so flat out here, ya’ll, it’s just strange, and I really can’t say I’m a fan. Things I will miss about this place: not much. I’m tired of paying $50 for a tank of gas for my little tiny baby car. RIDIC. Also, since my job has taken over my every waking hour these past few weeks, and will continue to do so until I move away, the sting of missing out on awesome San Francisco night life and extra-curricular activities will be lessened as I hardly leave my apartment / desk at work except to hit up my pal Bin at my favorite Modern China Cafe. He gives me free soup because I go there so often. Alone. I am so cool.

Next. There are approximately 119 days until my dear mother and I embark on our mother-daughter excursion of 2011. 119 days until she and I journey to Baltimore and set sail on one of Royal Caribbean’s gorgeous ships for a whopping 9 days. Yessir. Don’t be jealous.

Speaking of awesome cruise vacations, I am such a genius that I left my sneakers at home in VA. Haven’t been to the gym or done any form of exercise in over 10 days. Hurry up little postal workers, and brang me them shoes! It was the biggest letdown last week when I got all dressed and hyped up for boxing, only to discover I have zero pairs of shoes suitable to wear to the gym. Sad face. So instead I went to the grocery store and bought some Ruffles and My Little Pony fruit snacks. Good choices. I will be pudgy and gross and Momma will be all hot and toned thanks to her religious P90X regimen. There’s some motivation for me (and you).

Anywho. Keep checking the Coastal Wind for some newsy updates and bathroom schedules from our epic road trip to Miami. And bear with me as I attempt to get some work-life balance back in my life.  I do still love you, and I am still sassy.

Oregon just tied with Auburn, so now I’ve got to get serious about watching this game. War Eagle!

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