Adventures in Physical Fitness and Fatness

Being an adult (or at least, being older than 18) comes with so many perks and downfalls. One of the major downfalls is weight gain, loss of metabolism, and “filling out.” Please do not think that this is going to be one big complaint about my weight and size, because it’s so not. Stop pre-judging and just read, people. No one wishes, or should wish, to look like those skinny teenage bean-poles with no shape or musculature. Every dude I’ve ever asked (and I’ve asked a lot) prefers their women to actually have some kind of shape. Plus, being that thin makes it hard to bear children and buy adult clothes. No one wants to wear Limited Too for the rest of their lives, and petite sizes can only be so small.

Anywho. This is not meant to be a body image discussion, because as my old roomie used to say (also the originator of trife), you’ve got to love yoself in good times and bad.  Since living on the left coast, something I have noticed is that there are much fewer overweight people here than back east. This is a gross generalization, as I have clearly not done a scientific study, but it is a noticeable enough difference that I noticed. I’m not sure exactly what it is that drives this, and I can really only guess at it since I’m not one of them. But I think it’s a combination of things. Less Burger Kings, more yoga, less KFC, more vegan restaurants, no Bojangles (sad for them really), focus on fresh and local foods, less NASCAR and college football (sad again), more hiking and biking. These are general trends, and it looks like those that grow up with it have grown up healthier. Anyway, all I’m saying is that it sure is easier to eat healthier out here than back home. Not that this has made a huge or any difference in my eating habits, but it’s true.

Recently, my good ol’ nearby 24-Hour Fitness gym, walking distance from my apartment, closed for renovations. For a month. Granted, since running the 10k (sort of a while ago for those of you not up on my calendar) I sort of fell completely off the working out wagon, and really didn’t give two coots about it. But then I was super grouchy at work for too many days in a row, was completely unmotivated to do anything, eating worse than usual, was rude to someone unintentionally (rude) and feeling sloth-ish and fat. The scale told me I was edging (though slowly) towards a place I didn’t want to go. Buying jeans and work pants is no picnic y’all, and I don’t want to replace the hard-earned collection I already have. SO. It was time to take action, because nobody likes a grouchy Miss Sassy.

Not far from my now former gym is a magical place called LA Boxing. Take a second and chuckle. It’s fine, because I now have a pair of [pink] boxing gloves (I know) with which to punch you in the face! JK. But seriously. Best. Workout. Of. My. Life. Poppa Pants says I exaggerate and make statements like “Best [fill-in-the-blank] of my life!” too often and that whatever it is really couldn’t possibly be so great that it’s worthy of that qualifying greatness. And I will humbly acknowledge that he is, as usual, right about this (though I argue that I just like to express my excitement is all…”the best!” just sounds fake, but add “of my life!” and people really know you love it) BUT this time he’s wrong. Because I’m fairly certain I burned a million calories in just one hour. Not only did I burn a million(ish) calories, I took out probably a month’s worth of aggression on that thick 150 pound bag and O.M.G. did it feel good. I’m not sure I’ve ever punched anything before that day, but after the first 60 seconds of punching was over, I knew I was hooked. The best part of this is that the girls at this gym are…friendly! When’s the last time you saw a friendly girl at a gym full of gorillas? Never. And there’s perk #500.

If you’re not convinced that this is the most amazing workout ever, consider this: The kickboxing instructor shared a fantastic success story. Apparently a middle-aged man formerly extremely overweight and considering surgery, started taking her class 4 days a week just hoping to get in some kind of shape for the surgery, lost 150 pounds in 10 months. One hundred and fifty pounds, you guys. That’s a lot of pounds. That’s like losing me plus another half of me (that’s a generous comparison…go with it). Seriously.

So do I still have bad days at work? Yes. Do I still get stressed and freak out about things? Quite often. Do I still not take a lunch and work until midnight? Every day. Do I now take a break every evening to punch (and sometimes kick) everything and everyone who has put themselves in my bad graces? Absolutely. It improves my mood, I dropped 5 pounds in a week, I’m less grouchy, and now I’m more of a badass, if only in my own mind.

2 responses to “Adventures in Physical Fitness and Fatness

  1. Can’t wait for you to come home and have a WII Boxing Tournament! You know that Momma Sassy is the undefeated champion. And if that doesn’t make you grin, we can always transition to Tony Horton’s P90X Kempo-X! It’s my Saturday routine and I’d love to share . . .

  2. Hey, you don’t wanna mess with Momma Sassy in the ring! I’ve seen her style – and it’s awesome – and she’s right, she is undefeated in the Boxing Ring! OK, so if it is only the Wii Boxing Tournament ring, that’s still a mighty nice trophy to place up there on the mantle! xoxo

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