Giving Thanks, Sassy Style

I love Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? We spend time with family, eat like there’s no tomorrow, and watch some awesome football. We all gain anywhere from 5 to 25 pounds (don’t deny it, it happens to everyone), and get to eat leftover turkey and ham sandwiches on leftover biscuits with leftover mashed taters and leftover green bean casserole. It’s also the day before everyone goes nuts for the sale at Best Buy and Kohl’s. Let me tell you, Miss Sassy loves her some sales. But lawd help anyone who buys me something from Kohl’s. Ick. Anywho. But Thanksgiving really isn’t just about buying the biggest turkey ever or eating leftover biscuit sandwiches and watching VT beat up on UVA for the 85th time in a row. It’s about family, friends, and acknowledging all the great things in our lives for which we are so thankful. And so, here we have a complete enumeration of all things for which Miss Sassy Pants herself is thankful.

Firstly we’ll start with the family, because what’s more important than family? Not much else, if anything. No, actually, there’s nothing. I have a super special family, something which I feel most everyone will say about their family, but for reals my fam is awesome. So here’s to you, Mummy, Daddy, aunts, uncles, cousins: you love me, you support me, you enable me, you encourage me, you tolerate me, you teach me, you make me a better person. Plus most of you take some time to read this jank. Lovesies. I am thankful for and love you all bunches.

Next up on the list is a group of people who really are not next. They are concurrently listed with my family because they are my other family. Yes, this means you, pseudo family. You know who you are. My Uncle Gus and his wonderful family. Twin and Mimi, the sisters I never had who are just wonderful and keep me in line and up to date on hair care. My pseudo mothers, grandmothers, and aunts who treat me like their own. You support me, you listen to me gripe, you feed me, you encourage me, you push me to succeed, you discipline me, you give great hugs, you send cute cards in the mail which happen to arrive at just the right time. You love me. Plus, some of you even read this jank, which is totally cool of you. I am grateful for you and your love.

Of course these next people I am grateful for are really just the awesomest and make a list of people useless. Of course I could never love anyone more than my mother and father, but these people come close. These people are my Hokies. I love them beyond my capability to put it into words. And of course this group is dinifitive, there are specific names on the list. But it’s also abstract. I love meeting Hokies 3,000 miles away from Blacksburg in San Francisco and having just as much fun with them watching Hokies kick everyone’s tush on the gridiron as I do with my closest friends. And what’s great about this is that I’ve added friends to this group who aren’t even Hokies. You know who you are. You’ve got Hokie love in your heart, and I’ve got love for you in mine. Of everyone, my Hokie fam has listened to me gripe and complain and just in general be miserable in the most unladylike way more than anyone else. And they are still my friends. I mean seriously. This is the truest test of love and friendship, and I can proudly say with 90% confidence that they all still love me. Plus, some of them even read this jank, which if you haven’t noticed, gives them some extra points. MSP loves readers…otherwise, why the heck am I even writing this… I love you guys. You also give great hugs. I am thankful for awesomely awesome friends who are my chosen family.

Other things I am thankful for include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fried potatoes…whoever came up with putting potatoes in oil and cooking them at a high temperature with some salt and other ingredients was a genius.
  • My puppies…they are precious little hairballs of love and bring me joy when I am down.
  • Job: it is sad that so many people are unemployed, and I am thankful for my job and my steady income which I don’t always spend so wisely, and I’m not always sorry about it.
  • Aforementioned job and steady paycheck also enable me to afford one of the loves of my life, my little Rosie-Rose, for which I am thankful. She runs good and never fails me. 
  • Good health: I’ve never had the flu, other serious illnesses, broken a bone, or anything else majorly bad. It’s great.
  • My shoe size: it makes it extraordinarily easy for me to purchase shoes anywhere and anytime. Seriously. No one has size 6 feet, therefore everyone has size 6 shoes available at all times for little ol’ me to put on my little tootsies. It’s the small things.
  • Just like the iPhone…it’s small, but I am thankful that I have one. It has kept me from getting lost many-a-time.
  • In-unit washer and dryer in my apartment…because really, who ever has quarters?

Anywhooz. Bottom line is, I am thankful for a lot of things. Life is great. And it is sassy to be thankful, because no one likes a whining ungrateful person. Big hugs, virtual smooches, and a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

2 responses to “Giving Thanks, Sassy Style

  1. One of the best MSP posts ever! I love that you recognize the blessings in your life, and know that I am thankful for YOU – my precious daw-tah!

  2. We, too, appreciate your ability and willingness to recognize life’s blessings in a really sassy and classy way. You are a very special young lady, rookie or not, and we’re blessed to be friends with such a sassy and classy family.

    Speaking personally, I remember the day when I got my first washer and dryer – I have never looked at a quarter in the same way since. Now, I just want a can opener that doesn’t shred the top of the can label. . . . Santa – are you listening???

    Love ya, Miss Sassy Pants – time for a turkey sandwich?????

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