Land of fruit and nuts, but also hiking, cannabis, parking garages, and nice weather

America is a great country for many reasons, one being that it can contain states like Virginia (which is actually a commonwealth, to be perfectly correct) and California all on one continent. I have to say that Cali is not so vastly different and shocking to this little east coast girl as I thought it would be, or as much as I was warned it would be. I even had some people laugh at me when I told them I was moving here. Seriously, like I couldn’t handle it because of where I was raised. Whatevs. So as much as they are not so very different from each other, there are some things about this state that are extremely different from Ye Olde Commonwealth.  Like how earlier this week it was 58 degrees when I woke up but 107 by mid-afternoon. That is nuts and I’m pretty sure has never happened in VA. Also there is NO humidity here. Obviously in true San Fran it is a little humid since it’s surrounded by large bodies of water, but here not so much. Anywho, this is obviously a boring answer. Who gives two pennies about the weather other than old people. No one. Except it is super nice and I super love it. Moving on.

One of the managers at my new office is a philosophy teacher on the side at a nearby community college. He’s super cool, wise, hip, and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in philosophy, thus his passion for teaching this subject. How he ended up as a manager in IT I’m not quite sure. Anywayz. He received an email today from one of his students that read something like this: “Hey Prof, Not sure what your stance on the topic is, but I was curious if you’d be interested in getting together to smoke a blunt and talk philosophy with me sometime. Thanks, Student.” Manager informed me he was thinking of suggesting pizza and beer instead, since he’s pretty sure the university would frown on illegal activities with students, regardless of how down everybody is with cannabis here.

There are parking garages everywhere. With gates. I have never seen so many parking garages with gates in every structure everywhere in my life anywhere else. My apartment building has a parking garage with a gate (awesome). The office buildings on the street each have their own parking garage, with a gate. Walnut Creek city hall has a parking garage with a gate. Gate <> booth with little arm-raisey thingy. Like a formidable gate. And in general, there are an over-abundance of parking garages everywhere in every little town, city, establishment in the general east bay area, sans Berkeley which might as well be its own little country of non-car-driving people.

Everyone hikes and bikes. Everywhere. All the time. After work, before work, during lunch, “real quick” on the weekends. There are so many hiking and biking trails everywhere, and in my view this gives everyone limited excuses to be not in shape in some fashion. Even I, with my diet of cheese fries and cereal, will pretty much have no reason to gain weight here because it is a mandatory hobby that everyone take up upon moving to this region. I will be in shape and love hiking or I will be shunned by the natives. One manager here even said she’d give me a bad review if I didn’t go on at least one hike while I was here. That’s totally not true and she was totally nice about it, but regardless I felt pressured and ergo went on my very first hike after work yesterday! I’m such a joiner. And today I am limping a bit, but it’s all good.

I feel turrible, just turrible, about missing my Thursday posting, but you all lived through the day without me, obvs. Happy Friday!

One response to “Land of fruit and nuts, but also hiking, cannabis, parking garages, and nice weather

  1. What’s not to love, Miss Sassy, do your hiking workout and try to keep up with Momma Sassy – she looks amazing!
    Love your notes about the left coast. Keep up the good work!

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