Friday Announcement: Doin Big Thangs, Ya’ll

Happy Friday! Random updates today:

1) I updated the page that tells you who the heck I am! It’s new and improved, and I am new and always improving myself.

2) My theme got updated and I didn’t even do anything! There’s new functions I think…list of recent posts, rate me, like me, EMAIL ME, subscribe to me. And in return you’ll get my undying love and gratitude, and possibly some prizes down the road. I’m thinking it over.

3) I have received some constructive criticism from someone who never minces words. Therefore, I am implementing a posting schedule to make this jank a little more regular. I’ll pause a minute for all the Activia jokes going through your head right now. And moving on. Going forward, I will *hopefully* be maintaining a twice weekly posting on Mondays and Thursdays, time TBD. If I find that I am overrun with trifeness and other jank to write about I will increase the frequency to thrice weekly. Points to me for using thrice in a sentence. Twice.

4) I am so excited for my first weekend of exploration in San Francisco! Thanks to family and friends who have given me oodles of suggestions. Big D (roommate…that nickname is on a trial run, I haven’t decided if I actually like it) and I will be Dora the Explorer-ing tomorrow and Sunday. High hopes, ya’ll!

5) SUPPOSEDLY there is a Chick-fil-a nearby! I can’t wait to find it and get me a chicken biscuit.

6) Happy 90th and 87th Birthdays to my grandfather and grandmother! They are great people and embody what makes Amurica a great nation. Whenever I think about being lazy, I think of them and it inspires me to not watch so much of the tube. More on that later.

That is all. Smooches to everyone.

One response to “Friday Announcement: Doin Big Thangs, Ya’ll

  1. So good to see Miss Sassy again, I’ve missed her!

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