Miss Sassy’s Shoe Salon: #1

Say that 5 times really fast! So here at my place of gainful employment, I can proudly say that I have the sassiest shoes on this entire floor. Keep in mind, ladies and gents, that this complex has four different buildings, all of which have 5 or more floors of employees.  So by no means is this a feat of fashion.  But man when I’m walking to refill my water bottle in the kitchen, I sure feel good about my fashionable feet! Anywho, I think since I have a healthy passion and love for le scarpe, I would share some disparaging and elating shoe-buying experiences every now and then!

Sassy Shoe Selection number 1 (well really, Lord knows which number it is – have you seen my closet lately, but it’s the one I’m starting with, so it’s number 1) is a fantastic purchase from one of my favorite haunts: Bakers. I was doing the shop-therapy thing after an argument in le tele with one of my dear old man-friends.  Note: some of the best purchases are made while partaking in shop-therapy. Don’t knock it just because it’s tied to your emotions.  So I pass by the enticing window display of Bakers, and slow my pace as I always do.  I’m drawn in by a ridiculous pair of fancy shoes that I would have no occasion to wear, and happen to glance at the sale table in the corner while I’m at it.  Lo and behold there are the most beautiful purple pumps I’ve ever laid eyes on.  And as is usually the case, the display pair is my size (thank you Lord, I do love this about myself), and I slip them on.  Big mistake.  Or best moment ever, depending on how you look at it, since I promptly brought them to the cashier girl, explained to her probably too much detail about my sad man issues, and happily exit the store with this beautiful pair of shoes – man problems completely forgotten.  Yes ladies, it does work.  And no I do not care that the cashier girl probably thought I was nuts.

Bottom line: Bakers has never let me down! I rarely purchase shoes from them since historically they are a bit pricey or just not what I need.  However, if you are looking for good boots, fun flats, trendy gladiator sandles (if you’re into that…Miss Sassy feels these are weird looking and/or is bitter they make her look shorter), fancy DT (downtown) wear, pretty pumps, or wedding couture, Bakers has it! And they have a fab website.  Find the store nearest you!  And don’t forget, shoes do make or break the outfit.  Make sure you’re sending the right signals with your footwear…and obviously, keep it sassy.

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