Mother Russia is not Sassy!

Buon Giorno, and happy gloomy Friday to everyone. Miss Sassy Pants has had a very uneventful and boring day at work, but is thrilled for one reason: it’s pay day. YES. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything in particular, just that I like checking my bank account and seeing the number be a little bigger than yesterday. No I am not going to Nordstrom, stop judging. Because the weather has been so gosh-darn terrible and gloomy this week, Miss Sassy Pants has been feeling very un-sassy. It’s not good! As a result, I have been uninspired to write about anything. Yes I am switching between 1st and 3rd person a lot. Get over it.

That all changed about 10 minutes ago when I came across a hilarious little news article from the BBC: Democracy ‘not needed’ in Russia.  Apparently citizens of Russia think democracy is silly, and think it’s an unsuitable type of government for their country. Oh really?! Well perhaps we should flashback to the days of good ol’ Stalin! He was a real winner.  Poverty and persecution for everyone! Despite this, they still love him.  I don’t get it. This is so NOT sassy. “He killed my ancestors for no reason, but I think he’s the greatest country-man ever to walk the frigid tundra of Mother Russia!” That is not a direct quote, but I derived it from the article. Did you also know that the people of Russia are fined now if they are caught cursing in public??  Something close to $33 per occurrence.  Wow. Also another ridiculous notion: Russia admits that Iranian nuclear power poses a threat. Ya think?? Nah, no biggie. I think it’s quite alright for a country that’s practically ruled by terrorist organizations to have bunches of nuclear bombs / the capacity to make them.  Totally fine.  Let them eat cake.  This is also not sassy.  Anywho before I get carried away…

A more positive newsy article that totally blew my mind! Remember when you read Angels & Demons and then ran to the movies to see the epic film? And then you went to Rome so you could follow the path of illumination?!?  Oh wait, maybe just Miss Sassy Pants did that. [It was cool but not as dramatic since I was stopping for gelato pretty frequently and there was not an award-winning score of music playing in the background…also Cardinals were not in danger of being murdered at that time. Still I enjoyed seeing the fountains.] Ok well remember the part about Cern and that particle machine thingy that could basically duplicate the big bang? And then the creepy guy had that glowing light thing that exploded? That was weird. Well guess what! The particle accelerator machine thingy exists! Duh.  Clearly I knew that.  But I love this article because they are talking about duplicating the big bang as if they’re playing with legos. Super cool.  Modern technology continues to blow my mind. Particle accelerator = very sassy.

On another newsy related note, I’d like to express that Miss Sassy Pants loves the BBC and the way they report news about the US.  Also they have this cool thing called Week in Pictures and Day in Pictures. Really neat photos from around the world – some happy, some depressing and sad, but all a neat way to get a snapshot of what is going on in our world! It’s sassy to stay in formed people!

On that note, happy Friday! AND shout out to Poppa Pants!  Tomorrow is his birthday!

One response to “Mother Russia is not Sassy!

  1. Sassy Pants's Way Cool Cousin

    I like…. but i think Ms. Sassy Pants loves the BBC b/c her cousin lives in jolly ‘ole England! Stay tuned fans for when Ms. Sassy Pants does remote journalistic (vacation) work in the UK living off her cousin and having the time of her life which = really really good sassy pants stories!!!

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